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Hi! Happy Easter everyone!

I'm glad to announce that full digital sets are now available. Send a note for more details and pricing.

Have a great weekend.
Currently I'm taking photoset commissions.
Can make special photoshoots with cosplays I've already have, non cosplay, just modelling or a new costume or your original character.
Rates depends if I need to make a new costume or the complexity of the costume/character.
All with professional pictures.

Please feel free to send me a note or mail to

You can get them here:

Power Girl prints now available in Storenvy:

For special promos or digital set please send me a note or email to:

Remember prints are shipped from Argentina and take over 2 or 3 weeks to arrive.

Price includes worldwide shipping cost.

Bewitched! After Halloween special print promo!.
3x2. Get 3 for the price of 2!!
Worldwide shipping cost included (prints are shipped from Argentina).
Also there's new prints available in the store, check it out

Happy Hump Day!
Launching a new exclusive Sakura print available at:…
Thanks for the feature of my Madame Hydra cosplay

Check it out:…
Now on my Storenvy A3 size cosplay prints are available on my Storenvy:
Please be aware that the cost includes the international shipping from Argentina (Same price worldwide shipping)
If you are interested in a print non listed please contact me:

Kitty Honey :)

Hi Guys! Since I got notes asking my Twitter or social media or the ways to contact me. Here they are:




Twitter: @KittyHoneyCos



You can buy Signed Posters Here:


Other Social Media/sites:





No, I don't use Instagram (yet, who knows in the future)


Fanmail: Kitty Honey Cosplay. P.O Box: Casilla 7. Corrientes. Argentina. Zip Code:3400.

Amazon Wishlist:…

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Hi Guys! I'm selling my Silk Spectre II Latex costume at Storenvy:…

Feel free to contact me sending a note or a mail to:
Exclusive Print at Storenvy! Now available at:…
New Promo at Storenvy
Buy 3 Prints and get one free!! ;)
My storenvy is now open and you can buy signed prints there, they also come with a kiss ;)

If you are interested in other prints of one of my cosplays, send me a note or email me at:

All the prints are shipped from Argentina.
Hi, I'm now taking cosplay photo commissions, that means that I can do special photosessions with one of my cosplays or new ones, so if you have an original character or want me to cosplay a character in particular, I can do it.

Send me a note for pricing, fees and all that.

Please Join this Gameathon for aid.
It will be held on the 19th of April, check the event for all the details…
Thanks for the feature. Specially because I'm alongside Yaya and I really admire her a lot and It's one of my greatest inspiration for doing this.…

Since Sakura is my first cosplay of all, the photos are recent but the costume has 3 years since my first con with that cosplay and be alongside with the woman who inspired me for doing cosplay. Feels good
Well, I have to add a logo since I found someone stole one of my photos and used it for an ebay auction.
But I don't like it because I feel doesn't look good in cosplay pictures.
What do you think about it?
Happy New Year everyone! 2012 was a great year, and you made my year even better, and 2013 has a lot to come, Thanks for being supportive and have a great 2013! Cheers!
Thanks Geek Girls for featuring my Boba Fett X-Mas Special…
I want to wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

2012 was a great cosplay year, I have a lot of expectations for 2013

Thanks to all you for being supportive

In order to celebrate this Christmas Time I made a special Photoset:…